Top Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

top restaurants Port Elizabeth

Looking for the top restaurants in Port Elizabeth? I hope this guide will help you decide your next restaurant if you need a great place to eat out at in the Friendly City.

Port Elizabeth, like other cities, has so many restaurants to choose from – it’s hard to keep up! Luckily, at Home, Food & Travel, we have compiled a list of some of the top restaurants in Port Elizabeth where you can have it all – great food, wonderful service and an awesome atmosphere.

Ginger Restaurant

Ginger Restaurant

Based in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, the Ginger Restaurant in the Beach Hotel is an elegant and tranquil place where you can dine on some of the most incredible food in town.

The menu offers a good mix of creativity and well known dishes. The wine list has been carefully chosen to compliment the menu.

It is perhaps the ambiance for which Ginger Restaurant is most well-known. Crisp linen and sparkling cutlery adorn the well positioned tables, a glass fronted wine cellar and contemporary seaside décor ensure that dinners eat in a very pleasant environment.

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For their menu and wine list, visit the Ginger Restaurant website at or call 041 583 1229 for reservations.

Hussar Grill

Hussar Grill

Situated in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, The Hussar Grill is a restaurant where the steaks are grilled to perfection, the waiters are friendly and efficient, and the ambiance is classy and tranquil. They are well-known for their expertise in grilling succulent steaks and their award-winning wine.

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The Hussar Grill has restaurants all over South Africa. To contact the Eastern Cape branch, call 041 581 1734 or email today.

Remo’s Italian Restaurant

Remo's Italian Restaurant

Located in an old warehouse with a nondescript entrance and tiny signage, ones expectations are not set very high on your first acquaintance with Remo’s Italian Restaurant. 

However, step through the door and the sounds, aromas, lighting, laughter and eclectic mix of modern tiles, crumbling plaster, concrete floor, magnificent wrap around couch, framed black and white photos, glistening glasses, shiny espresso machine, raw wood, marble bar counter, copper pizza oven and smartly attired staff produce something, well, magical.

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Note – Remo’s Italian does not take reservations. For more information, call 082 877 6411.

Two Olives

Two Olives

Inmates on death row are famously allowed to choose whatever they want for their last meal. I would simply say, “Anything from Two Olives!”

A while back Jonothan Gunston, owner and Chef at Two Olives, launched a new menu. Within 12 hours of hearing this wonderful news, I was seated, napkin on my lap and fork in hand ready for my first sampling.

For me, Two Olives is up there with the best restaurants in the country.

It is certainly the best restaurant to visit with friends. The lighting, table layout, acoustics and atmosphere seem to inspire good conversation. Nothing fancy; but very cosy. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a team of friendly and efficient staff make dining a delight. Read more here…

View their menu by clicking here.

To make a booking, give them a call on 041 585 0371 or email

Tabu Restaurant

Tabu Restaurant

Set in the Radisson Blu Hotel, the Tabu Restaurant has excellent service, ocean views and of course mouth-watering food. Their restaurant has an elegant atmosphere that resonates with the elegance of the hotel.

They have a wonderful buffet option as well as a tantalising menu that will leave you begging for more. They have recently launched their Soulful Sunday lunch menu which is perfect for families to enjoy. To learn more about their Sunday lunch click here.

Contact 041 509 5000 or email to book your family table subject to availability.

Wildside Craft Meats Restaurant

Wildside Craft Meats Restaurant

The Wildside Craft Meats Restaurant recently opened its doors at the Bloomingdales Centre in Main Road Walmer, Port Elizabeth. The restaurant is spacious but it is the outdoor veranda that makes this restaurant special.  Overlooking the lovely Bloomingdales Nursery with its pools and ponds and large shady trees, the sun dappled deck is my favourite place to sit.

The menu has a well-balanced assortment of red meat, chicken and even vegetarian dishes. Breakfast is on offer too.

The most outstanding feature of the menu is the pricing. Seriously, where can you find a prime cut 250g rump steak for R100 any place other than Wildside Craft Meats Restaurant?

The wine list is short but comprehensive.  From really inexpensive to wines that have been carefully paired to the popular dishes, there is something for all.

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To make a reservation call 041 271 0204.

Hacklewood Hill

Hacklewood Hill

Polished shoes, creased slacks and formal jacket are not my style.  But every now and again I love to don my jacket and, arm in arm with my love, visit a restaurant that rates such smart attire.

There are pitiful few in Port Elizabeth, but one that makes it all worthwhile. Hacklewood Hill, nestled away in the quieter part of Prospect Rd, Walmer, is charming, elegant and full of character. The dining area is small and intimate and guests tend to whisper to each as they dine.

The menu offers a three course meal and the award winning wine selection is one of the best in the city. The table is carefully laid with a Victorian array of silverware and beautiful glass ware. The menu changes from time to time and can be viewed on their website.

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For more information, visit or call 041 585 0371 to make a reservation.



Situated in the Old Mikes Kitchen building along Buffelsfontein Road, Divino may look like your average neighbourhood restaurant but this European themed restaurant is anything but! This family orientated restaurant has a range of flavourful dishes sourced from East to the West of Europe.

Divino’s food delivers on flavour, and they keep improving on their most popular dishes to retain a menu that is filled with favourites. Portions are healthy servings so keep some space for dessert!

Booth or table seating is offered inside which can accommodate up to 200 people or outside on the deck area.

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To make a reservation, call 084 555 8088. You can also visit their website for more information.

Otak Otak

Otak Otak

A Southeast Asian-inspired outfit, the Otak Otak Restaurant off Buffelsfontein Road in Mount Pleasant, Port Elizabeth, is new and steadily gaining popularity. The waitresses are friendly and helpful and owner; Brian will pop out of the kitchen to chat to his patrons between prepping the meals.

This is a rather small and cosy restaurant that can seat about 40 people. The décor consists largely of potted palms and Brian’s memorabilia from Southeast Asia, but it comes together to produce an airy, quaint and very comfortable eatery.

The Otak-Otak menu is short, but varied and yet offers something for everybody including vegan, seafood, poultry and red meat.

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To make a reservation, call 078 459 4881. Follow them on Facebook.

Nolio Italian Bistro

Nolio Italian Bistro

Nolio Italian Bistro is located in the fashionable restaurant district of Richmond Hill, in Port Elizabeth. This delightful eatery is another project of Jonathan Gunston, the proprietor of the famous Two Olives Restaurant, located just down the road.

The décor is simple but inviting. The rear is entirely taken up with an open-plan kitchen and the smartly-dressed chefs can be seen preparing each meal. The seating is comfortable and well-spaced. The front of the restaurant has two large windows that open onto the cobbled sidewalk where a few more tables are set.

The wine list is short, but well-chosen and each bottle and its description have been placed on one of the walls for the patron’s convenience.

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To make a reservation, call 041 582 1378 or email

Royal Aces Bistro

Royal Aces Bistro, located on the ground floor at the food court entrance of the Bay West shopping mall, serves excellent curry.  In fact, I would venture to say that it serves some of the best curry that I have ever tasted.

I am a curry nut and have eaten in some truly fantastic curry restaurants.  The Royal Aces is right up there with my top three.

At first glance one is not aware that the Royal Aces Bistro even exists because it shares the same entrance as the Royal Aces Casino. 

Once inside the polite waitresses will direct you to a table.  The décor is smart and contemporary with grey, white and dark wood dominating.  The restaurant is well lit in day light hours thanks to the opaque glass exterior wall and has comforting lighting in the evening. Read more…

To find out more follow Royal Aces Bistro on Facebook and to make a reservation call 041 492 3081.


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