Pakamisa Lodge provides world-class stays near Pongola

Pakamisa Lodge Pongola

During my recent trip throughout the northern KwaZulu Natal, I stayed at a number of top establishments, but none can compete with the all-round excellence that I witnessed at the Pakamisa Lodge.

This 5-Star lodge is located west of the town of Pongola. We were driving in a Toyota Fortuna and that turned out to be a wise decision as we had to drive up the gravel D429 road up to our stay for the night.

We immediately noticed the abundance of wildlife that can be found on the Pakamisa Private Game Reserve.

Once we made our way to the top of the hill, we found the reception area where we were greeted by the owner, Isabella Stepski. She also advised us on what activities we could immerse ourselves in during our stay.

Chatting with Isabella, it was clear to see her passion for Pakamisa as it was her that transformed the area from a cattle ranch to the game reserve we see today.

The team helped us with our luggage and showed my friend and me to our room. We spent the night in the Elephant Room. I had never seen such a well-ordained key for a room in my life.

El Prado Restaurant at Pakamisa Lodge

The team had prepared lunch for us, which I enjoyed at their El Prado Restaurant. My meal was perfectly cooked and the overlooking views left me in awe.

After chatting with a number of employees, it was evident that they love what they do. Many of them have worked at the reserve for longer than 10 years and some have been there from the very start.

Isabella arranged for us to enjoy an afternoon horse ride. I have had very little experience with horse riding, but the on-site horse trainer assured me that all will be fine.

We made our way down to the stables and she selected horses for us. It was clear to see that the team at Pakamisa take great care of their animals and their horses are no exception. We rode through the game reserve and stopped to enjoy viewing the animals and the local natural environment. The overall knowledge of our guide was impeccable and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After our horse riding excursion, we were famished and looking forward to dinner. We enjoyed a starter of tempura prawns and grilled ostrich was served as the main course. The evening concluded with a hazelnut parfait that was served for desert. Each of the courses was delicious and it is up the standard of any top restaurant.

We embarked on a game drive throughout the reserve in the morning. We saw a number of game including nyala, giraffe, wildebeest, monkeys and many more. Our guide was very thorough with his knowledge of the animals and of the area as a whole. We thoroughly enjoyed our morning drive.

It is clear to see why the Pakamisa Lodge is a very popular retreat for Europeans, who wish to enjoy a luxurious bush excursion. I highly recommend that you stay at and experience this top establishment!

Accommodation and Dining at the Pakamisa Lodge

Pakamisa is a private, exclusive reserve that is open to residents only.

Visitors can look forward to spectacular views of the game reserve as the lodge is situated at the top of the hill. Sundowners can be enjoyed overlooking the landscape at the comfort of your own private patio area.

The Pakamisa Lodge has eight luxury suites available to choose from, each within walking distance of both the reception and restaurant areas. The rooms have a strong sense of local South African culture and allow for tourists to enjoy a luxury excursion.

Meals can be enjoyed at their El Prado Restaurant. The outdoor verandah area is the perfect romantic setting. Views of the lower escarpment can be enjoyed while tucking into your meal. The indoor area of the restaurant is decorated with fine art and meals can be enjoyed by candlelight.

The quality and presentation of the food is of an exceptional standard.

Activities and Game Drives at Pakamisa

For those that wish for an all-round top getaway, the Pakamisa Lodge is the place to visit.

A number of activities are on offer for visitors to choose from such as horseback safaris, bush walks, archery and target shooting.

A trip to the Pakamisa Private Game Reserve is not complete until you enjoy their game drives. I went on one during the early hours of the morning and saw a number of game. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and happy to ask any question that one might have.  

Reviews from previous Pakamisa Lodge guests

“We had an incredible stay at Pakamisa . The lodge is stunning, the views even more. And on top of that, the food was great and Isabella welcomed us very warmly. A lot of activities were provided: sundowner walks, sundowner horse riding, safari’s, shooting” wrote Fam Anteunis on their TripAdvisor page.

The Kwalala Lodge added; “Well run as expected from the Owner, really worth seeing and the restaurant is top class.”

“Beautiful, the room was super, nice view, lots of light, very neat, very large, just great! The food was super tasty and great service. Everyone was so friendly! You should definitely do horse riding,” said Jet38067157311

The Pakamisa Lodge is located on the Pakamisa Private Game Reserve, Road D429, Pongola. Call 083 229 1811 or email You can book your stay Here.  Here is their location on Google Maps.


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