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The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s largest game reserves, with nearly 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity and historical sights – it is not a trip one must take lightly.

Therefore, it is highly-recommended that those wanting to tour this massive park, trust expert guides and safari tours to take them through the park, making sure that they not only get to see as much wildlife as possible, but also learn more about the animals and the landscape along the way.

It was on a recent trip to Kruger National Park, where I decided to do just that, and enjoyed a half-day safari tour with Belfast Tours and Safaris.

My day started early as I had arranged for a morning safari trip through the park.

I was met outside my hotel at 5:30am by my ranger, Remember Nxumalo, who was going to take me on my safari. Remember is also the proud owner of Belfast Tours and Safaris.

Once I settled in the game drive vehicle we were ready to start.

Remember was very knowledgeable and refreshingly friendly during our safari. He has many years of experience, which could be seen by the way he managed to find the different species of wildlife so easily and knew so much about the park and what routes to take.

He was like an Encyclopaedia of the bush and was able to answer all of my questions, I was truly impressed.


Remember did his absolute best to show us the best scenic routes with the most breathtaking views and the best spots for uninterrupted views of the wildlife he spotted throughout the park.

We did not pass anything without stopping for photos, not even the park’s varied birdlife was spared from an impromptu photography session as Remember managed to point out the many different species native to the park.

He also pointed out any interesting trees he felt would fascinate us; such as the kind that elephants like to feed on for their bark for vitamins.

One of the more interesting things I learned was that Zebras will sometimes kick stones to create sparks and cause small fires, because they need ash for their digestive system; this is also the main reason why small fires tend to break out in the park.

Remember was a more than accommodating guide during our safari, when we asked to see something, he would always say ‘no problem’ and take us to whichever animal we requested.

When we wanted to see a lion, he took us as close to them as possible without risking our safety.

He told us there is a specific part of the park that the lions like to go to, and sure enough the lions were right there… eating a giraffe they had just killed from a hunt.

The sight was both terrifying and amazing – I had never seen anything like it before!

The odds of seeing a family of lions eating fresh kill is rare, especially in a game park as big as Kruger. I felt incredibly lucky and was very impressed with Remember’s tracking skills.

Not only does Remember offer group safari tours into the Kruger, he also offers private tours for those wanting a family-only trip into the park. He also hosts events for groups in the Kruger National Park such as braais, for those wanting to experience something totally new over a game drive.

You cannot get better value for your money than with Belfast Tours and Safaris.

They have the best customer service and are genuine experts in their field – there was never a dull moment during our safari.

Remember is very experienced, professional, courteous, super friendly and knowledgeable. Having him guide us through the Kruger National Park was equally entertaining as our experience with the animals in the area.

Looking for the perfect way to tour the Kruger National Park? Want only the best in safari tours? Then try Belfast Tours and Safaris!

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