Top Accommodation in Eshowe

Top Accommodation in Eshowe

The town of Eshowe is located 140 km north of Durban, in the southern area of Zululand, within the province of KwaZulu Natal.  

The fact that this is the oldest European settlement in the area, means that this town regularly sees a number of overseas tourists flock here to see the vast amount of history that Eshowe has to offer.

With the high number of visitors, you can expect a number of top accommodation establishments in Eshowe. This selection of stays includes hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts.

There are differing thoughts as to how the town got its name. Some say that it is derived from the from the sound of wind blowing through the areas Dlinza Forest, whilst others say that it is named after the indigenous Showe plant.

A number of tour companies and guides can be found in the town of Eshowe. Visitors are eager to experience all that the area has to offer.

I had the opportunity of exploring this gem of a town earlier this year and I got to visit the Fort Nongqayi, the Dlinza Forest and the spectacular aerial boardwalk found within the forest, the martyrs cross as well as rural villages.

A trip in and around Eshowe can be arranged with Asambe Tours.

Home Food and Travel magazine has compiled a list of the Top Accommodation in Eshowe for you to consider on your next visit to or when stopping over in the town.

Aloe Lifestyle Hotel – Accommodation Type- Four Star Hotel

Top Accommodation in Eshowe

The Aloe Lifestyle Hotel is a newly renovated stay in Eshowe and offers an upmarket experience for their visitors. The hotel is located along the R66. This four star rated establishment has all one would expect from a top class stay. Visitors can relax and unwind at their Twin Palms Spa or keep in shape at their on-site gym. Their Aloe Restaurant and Sports Bar is a great place to enjoy quality dining and enjoy some drinks amongst loved ones.

This top accommodation establishment in Eshowe consists of Standard and Family Rooms as well as a Presidential Suite. A central swimming pool and deck chairs are available for visitors to use. The Aloe Lifestyle Hotel is a kids-friendly establishment thanks to their outdoor kids play area. Read more here…

Call:  035 004 0076. Make a reservation, HERE. To get there, click here.  Find out more, click HERE.

A King’s View – Accommodation Type- Four Star Guest House

Top Accommodation in Eshowe

A comfortable and quaint stay is on offer at A King’s View Guest House in Eshowe. A selection of 3 Standard Rooms and 5 Superior Rooms are on offer at this establishment. Each of their rooms has en-suite bathrooms. A number of amenities are offered by this boutique guest house such as complimentary Wi-Fi, DStv and secure parking to name but a few.

This four star rated establishment in Eshowe offers both breakfasts and dinners for their visitors upon request. A hearty full English Breakfast and a delicious home cooked meal for supper allows visitors to spend their time exploring the town, rather than having to worry about what meals to prepare.

Call:  035 474 2371. Make a reservation, HERE. To get there, click here.  Find out more, click HERE.

Birds of Paradise – Accommodation Type- Four Star Bed and Breakfast

Top Accommodation in Eshowe

The Birds of Paradise is a top accommodation establishment in Eshowe. Visitors can expect a relaxed stay amongst the beautiful scenery that is found at this bed and breakfast accommodation.  This four star rated establishment is surrounded by a number of trees and bushes. The garden area consists of an array of flowers, accompanied by a swimming pool and outdoor table.  

With over 35 species of birds that have been spotted in their garden, you can see where this establishment gets its name from. 

This establishment is divided into upstairs, downstairs as well as separate non-smoking self-catering rooms. The upstairs rooms consist of either King or two single beds as well as a balcony. The downstairs rooms consist of either King, Queen, Double or two single beds. The two self-catering rooms have a small kitchen for visitors to use.

Call:  082 532 4627. Make a reservation, HERE. To get there, click here.  Find out more, click HERE.

The George Hotel – Accommodation Type- Three Star Hotel

Top Accommodation in Eshowe

I had the opportunity to spend three nights at the George Hotel and it is fair to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This historic stay in Eshowe has been in business for over a hundred years. I quickly got a sense of the history found not only with the hotel, but also with the town due to the numerous photos of historic figures found throughout the establishment. The owner, Richard Chennells, also arranged for me and my friend to do some exploring in and around Eshowe. A number of tours can be arranged through this hotel.

The George Hotel has a selection of 32 rooms and has been a popular destination for tourists throughout the years. The team can also cater for those wishing to enjoy breakfast as well as suppers. This three star hotel is also able to host conferences and intimate weddings. A trip to the George is not complete without a visit to their on-site bar, whilst enjoying one of their Zululand Brewery Company’s products is a must. Read more here…

Call:  035 474 4919. Make a reservation, HERE. To get there, click here.  Find out more, click HERE.

Aha Shakaland – Accommodation Type – Three Star Hotel

Top Accommodation in Eshowe

A trip to Shakaland has been a popular one for numerous visitors over the years. This hotel is part of the aha group and was the set for the King Shaka Zulu series, which was filmed in the 1980’s. The set remained and makes for a one of a kind stay. Visitors to this establishment get a strong sense of the Zulu culture and are able to immerse themselves in all that is on offer.

Their rooms are traditionally styled and allows for visitors to enjoy an all-round Zulu experience. Their rooms are tastefully furnished. Their on-site Shisa Nyama Restaurant and Bar is where visitors can enjoy some quality food and drinks with loved ones. Shakaland can also cater for corporate retreats thanks to their conferencing facilities. This hotel has a picturesque pool and stunning views can be observed of the surrounding areas. For those wishing to take home a souvenir, a gift shop is found close to the entrance of this unique hotel.

Call:  035 460 0912. Make a reservation, HERE. To get there, click here.  Find out more, click HERE.

Thornleys – Accommodation Type- Three Guest House

Top Accommodation in Eshowe

The Thornley’s Guest House is an upmarket stay in Eshowe. This Victorian-styled establishment has a beautiful outdoor area, where meals are often served. Visitors can expect breakfasts during their stay, whilst lunch and dinners can be enjoyed upon request. The garden meets the Dlinza Forest and is thus an ideal stay for any bird lovers. The outdoor veranda is a great spot to enjoy sundowners with family and friends.

This three star rated establishment has complimentary Wi-Fi and secure parking for their visitors. A picturesque swimming pool often comes as a welcome relief during those hot Eshowe summers. Five individually styled rooms are what the Thornley’s Guest House has on offer.

Call:  035 474 4179. Make a reservation, HERE. To get there, click here.  Find out more, click HERE.


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