Perfectly manicured at Carley Studios in Port Elizabeth

Carley Studios Port Elizabeth manicure Beauty

Carley Studios, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Stylish, innovative and chic, Carley Studios in Woodlands, Port Elizabeth, is all this and more! The moment I walked through the doors I was warmly welcomed and dazzled by this beautiful new establishment.

The studio is fitted with classy vintage furniture, and the double vintage doors that lead out to the beautiful gardens bathe the studio in light, making it warm and cosy – much appreciated during the cold winter days!

While filing out the necessary forms for my treatment, the staff at Carley Studios were so friendly and made me feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can tell that these ladies love what they do and have a way with people.

My fabulous manicure treatment at Carley Studios

Carley Studios, Beauty, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, Beauty Wellness, manicure

Once all my forms were taken care of, I was introduced to my therapist Angelique. She greeted me with a welcoming smile and took me to the treatment area where I would get my Express Manicure treatment.

Having well-groomed hands can help you look and feel amazing, and Angelique went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable and refreshed for my manicure. After choosing the perfect colour (a bright orange), she got started on my manicure.

While Angelique was busy primping and priming my nails, we casually chatted away. She has only been at Carley Studios for a week, but you can tell that she takes great pride in her work and is a perfectionist when it comes to nails.

Perfectly shaped and painted, my nails have never looked better. I was so impressed with Angelique’s work; there was not a single flaw to be found.

So much to experience at Carley Studios

Carley Studios, Beauty, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, Beauty Wellness, manicure

At Carley Studios, there is no limit to the types of treatments they can do. Not only can you enjoy relaxing massages and rejuvenating facials, you can also try out their various slimming treatments or get your hair done in their hair salon.

They also offer treatments such as lash and brow tinting, waxing hair removal and teeth whitening treatments.

Top reasons for visiting Carley Studios:

  1. The staff at Carley Studios are welcoming and friendly.
  2. The salon is stylishly decorated and has a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Their treatments are very reasonably priced.
  4. They offer a wide range of treatments and products you can buy to take home.

To find out more about Carley Studios, give them a call on 0413672860 or email Visit their website at Find them at 7 Centenary Road, Woodlands, Port Elizabeth.

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