Perfect your skin with LED Phototherapy at Carley Studios

Carley Studios Port Elizabeth Beauty

Carley Studios, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Arriving at the newly-opened Carley Studios beauty salon situated along Centenary Road in Woodlands, Port Elizabeth, on a cold winter’s day was a haven of warmth and hospitality. I was welcomed by the team with smiles and pampered from the moment I arrived.

Carley Studios salon is a wonderful mixture of modern meets vintage chic with porcelain tiled floors, vintage furniture and rugs and is beautifully bathed in sunlight by the double vintage doors leading to a neat garden.

With all the necessary documentation completed, I was greeted by my therapist Nicita, whose smile and manner quickly had me at ease. The reason for my apprehension you wonder? I had come to Carley Studios to try out their LED Phototherapy Facial.

LED Phototherapy at Carley Studios

If you, like me were under the impression that facials mostly consisted of creams, scrubs, and peels and most recently micro-needling, you could understand my quizzical brow when Nicita presented me with a hockey looking mask and started to explain my procedure of LED phototherapy.

LED phototherapy is currently trending in the beauty industry and for good reason. The non-invasive LED light therapy is used to treat a wide range of skin conditions and is used to promote skin healing and rejuvenation.

Carley Studios offers three different light therapy options; red, blue and purple light therapy. Red light therapy is used to promote skin rejuvenation, and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Alternatively, Blue light therapy is used to promote healing and is used for post-care after Botox, skin fillers and is also used to treat Acne.

The Purple light therapy is used to treat acne inflammation and scarring as well as skin irritation and inflammation.

LED Phototherapy Facial at Carley Studios

Carley Studios, Salon, Beauty Spa, LED Phototherapy, LED Facial, Light Therapy Facial, Port Elizabeth

To start my luxurious one-hour facial procedure, Nicita removed my make-up and cleansed my skin with OptoDerm deep cleansing oil, a fragrant mixture of Olive oil, Shea and Vitamin C.

Following the cleanse, Nicita examined my skin, asked my age, skin routine and any skin problems I experience before opting to use a non-mechanical exfoliate on my skin before brushing on the Bio Enzyme Exfoliator. This was left on for two minutes before being gently wiped away.

Now for the magic, Nicita applied the Galvanic gel which aids dehydrated skin to my face, avoiding the eyes and lips, placed a pair of protective goggles over my eyes before putting the LED mask over my face. I was to have the red light therapy treatment.

With one last check that I was happy and comfortable, Nicita left me to enjoy the treatment in the peacefulness of my treatment room for 20 minutes. I personally did not feel the mask was stuffy or too heavy, in fact, I quite enjoyed the soft warmth emitted by the light.

Once the 20-minute treatment was over, Nicita returned to remove the mask and Galvanic gel and gave me an incredible facial massage using OptoDerm CBD massage oil followed by OptoDerm Green Tea Serum.

One final application of the OptoDerm CBD moisturiser and sunscreen, and my skin was pampered to perfection.

When asked about whether I would see an immediate result, Nicita advised: “The treatment results are different for each client and their skin condition.

“Nearly all my clients have said that they have seen an immediate improvement and feel to their skin after one treatment, but to achieve the best results I recommend three treatments in one month.”

Carley Studios, Salon, Beauty Spa, LED Phototherapy, LED Facial, Light Therapy Facial, Port Elizabeth

Top reasons for visiting Carley Studios:

  1. The salon is immaculate and stylishly decorated
  2. The staff are friendly, welcoming and helpful.
  3. Carley Studios offers a wide range of treatments including a Hair Salon
  4. The salon treatments are reasonably priced.
  5. My therapist called me the following day for a post-treatment follow up.

If you would like to find out more about Carley Studios, give them a call on 0413672860 or email Visit their website at Find them at 7 Centenary Road, Woodlands, Port Elizabeth.

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