How to Survive an Overnight Travel on a Bus

Throw away the stereotypes about overnight travel. Here’s how to travel by bus comfortably and what to do to stay awake in the morning.

Pros of an Overnight Travel

Overnight travel has its perks:

  • A tour with overnight transfers costs a lot less than a tour without them. After all, each overnight stay in a hotel is a plus of 30-40 euros to the cost of the trip. After that, you can spend the saved money on something to make your trip more joyful, like playing at a bet app or buying souvenirs for your friends and relatives.
  • There is a romance in meeting the morning in a new place. Here you are still walking in the evening in Amster, and in the morning you already have breakfast in Paris.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day, the road is still the road. Except that in the first option you sleep, so the time flies by, and in the second option you spit at the ceiling. That’s not much of a perspective.
  • For the same number of days on a tour with overnight travel, you’ll see twice as much as on a tour without it. How’s that? The formula is simple: first, sleep on the bus, then spend the whole day in the new city, or sleep in the hotel, after that, spend the whole day on the road, next spend only the evening in the new city.

Where to Sit to Be at Ease

Imagine that the bus is divided into three parts: beginning, middle, end. If we tell you that the end is usually noisier and more fun, and the beginning is quieter and quieter, which part would you choose?

Another thing to remember: if you need legroom, ask to be seated at the aisle. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to stretch to your full height by the window.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

These are the most comfortable sleeping positions for the bus. Take them and you’ll sleep through the night.

The “No Suspicion” Pose

Legs down, shoulders up. Scaffold yourself with a pillow under your head, spread your chair out a bit. That’s it! Just enough for a couple of hours, and then move on to the next pose. You won’t be able to sleep in just one.

The “Larva” Pose

Lean back of the seat as much as possible. Just try not to pinch the person sitting behind you. Lie on your side, and pull your knees up to your chest. Congratulations! You’re in your safe cocoon and can sleep sweetly for a while longer.

The “I’m Sleeping” Pose

Rest your forehead on the back of the front seat. Just scaffold a pillow or something similar so you don’t get a bump. People might think you’re not okay, but who cares if you’re really comfortable?

Knees-Up Pose

Get a little lower and rest your knees on the front seat. But be careful, if the position of the backrest changes unexpectedly, there is a risk of finding yourself pressed against your own knees. Then you will either have to shout loudly, or remember all the gymnastic tricks to get out.

Half Pose

Bravely make a connection with your neighbor/neighbor on the bus (if necessary, use alcohol). And voila! For the night you can put your legs, head, arm, side on him or her, as far as your imagination and relationship allow.

The “Like Home” Pose

This is the top of all the hacks. Take a carimat on tour and sit in the back of the bus. When everyone starts falling asleep, you don’t be shy and bed it in the aisle. The crib is ready! Have a drink for courage and get to know the guys around you so they won’t be shy about stepping over your bed at night.

What to Take so You Don’t Have to Rummage Through Your Suitcase

Dress in a way that makes you comfortable to ride and sleep. For example, a tracksuit, T-shirt, sneakers. By the way, this option is great for changing temperatures. If it’s hot – you take off your jacket, and if it’s cold – you cover yourself with plaid.

Take a change of socks. Barefoot, of course, is more comfortable to sleep in. But, you know, don’t forget about fresh air.

A mini cosmetic bag and a first-aid kit won’t hurt either. After all, in the tour we have to stay both beautiful and healthy.

Don’t take tons of sausage, cheese, eggs, and other animal products. At most, only what you can eat before the border. Better stock up on snacks in the form of cookies, nuts, and protein bars.

Your phone, a power bank, headphones and documents are things you should have on hand at all times.


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