Flight Anxiety | How To Relax On A Plane

flight anxiety

Flying can be a daunting process, especially when trying to social distance and remember your mask at the same time.- Crowded places can really build up unwanted energy in the form of anxiety. Flight anxiety is a normal feeling to have and we are going to run through some flight anxiety tips to help you relax and think about the amazing travel experience you are about to have.

Fear of flying, known as aerophobia, can manifest in a number of ways. Each person will be affected slightly differently. Other than anxiety, it is just really difficult to be relaxed on a plane. There is no leg space, sometimes you have to fight for an armrest, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all hold our breath hoping that there is not going to be an infant sitting near us. 

So whether you have full-blown aerophobia or you just struggle to settle down when flying, this post has everything you need to know. 

Fear Of Flying Medication – Natural Remedies South Africa

Being drugged up and in a dwaal is not the best experience, but luckily there are many natural remedies that we can use to keep our pre-flight nerves at bay. You can get rescue tables which use homeopathic flowers and essence to help regulate our cortisol levels or you can try another great natural product that is cbd canna oil.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound and is a great substitute for strong medication for flying. This CBD oil from Cannabuddy is full-spectrum, meaning that it contains all the naturally found cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. This CBD oil contains less than 0.001% THC with 600mg of CBD and 2% of the total product being terpenes and flavonoids.

The terpenes found in the CBD oil are called myrcene and linalool. These terpenes have been used in traditional medicines for their anti anxiety and sedative properties. We found it best to start taking this oil in the evenings at least one week before your flight – or earlier, depending on when your anxiety about flying starts. 

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

The reason you want to take this CBD oil nightly at least one week before, is to create a build up of CBD in your system and to train your body/brain to embrace a relaxed mindset after taking it. This will help you to relax when you take the oil before getting onto your flight. You can get this over the counter as flight anxiety medication or you can buy it online. CBD oil is a fantastic substitute if you are scared of medication for fear of flying.

Best Flight Anxiety Tips | How To Deal With Plane Anxiety

Anxiety can come out of nowhere and make you feel overwhelmed in a matter  of seconds. There are tips and tricks we can incorporate into our lives to help us cope when we start to feel overwhelmed.

Note: For more information on mental health follow this link.

5 Tips for Plane Anxiety

These are guidelines on how we cope with anxiety about flying and dealing with anxiety in general. Anxiety is different for everyone therefore these coping mechanisms may not work for you.

  1. Make sure you know where your flight anxiety is coming from. It is crucial to identify what is triggering you. It may be the plane itself, it may be the noise of the plane, or even the turbulence on the flight. Once you know what is triggering your anxiety then you can take the first steps on dealing with it.
  1. A great flight anxiety tip is to bring a picture of your destination and visualize yourself, with the sand between your toes, exploring a historic town, or mingling with foreigners in a local restaurant. We find this technique can be very therapeutic and calming.
  1. Don’t be shy to make the flight attendants aware that you are not 100% comfortable flying and ask them to keep you updated on the flight. Doing this serves two purposes. Firstly, you have communicated how you are feeling with an authoritative figure – this alone can bring on a sense of relief. 

Secondly, you will now receive more information on how the flight is going, where you are at, and if the cabin may experience turbulence. Knowing beforehand can help you prepare slightly better for it.

  1. Spend time familiarizing yourself with the safety information and instructions on what to do if anything wrong may happen. There is no better way to fight anxiety then with confidence.
  1. This tip is a combination of having anti anxiety medication for flying and incorporating breathing techniques. The combination of the two can really have beneficial effects. We spoke about how CBD oil can be a great natural remedy to keep your flight anxiety in check, but if you use this while adopting good breathing techniques you will find even greater relief. Soon you’ll be on  your way to your holiday destination spraying sunblock over your sun kissed skin. 

These flying anxiety tips should help dealing with flight anxiety and give you a more comfortable journey.

Image by Public Co from Pixabay 

Final Thoughts On Plane Anxiety | Flying Fear Free in South Africa

There are many ways to remain calm other than by taking medications for flying anxiety. We looked at taking natural remedies such as rescue tables or CBD oil and just general anti-anxiety tips. We like these products because they occur naturally in the plants and flowers around us and aren’t littered with negative side effects.

We currently live in a time where it only takes a couple of hours to travel to the other side of the world where we can experience different cultures, scenery and experiences. It’s hard to let go of the fears holding us back, but the memories you can create from traveling will ripple through time.

The benefits of taking these natural remedies while incorporating the flight anxiety tips mentioned above are a perfect recipe to enjoying your travel destination and the journey to get there. 
For more information on phobias follow this link. If you are set on not flying but still want to head out and explore, why not take a look at our post on preparing for a road trip or this 5 star yacht experience in Cape Town.


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