Farm stalls are a wonderful oasis on a long journey

farm stalls

A visit to a farm stall is like opening a lucky packet, you never know what you’re going to get until you’re inside.

Sure, most farm stalls offer the usual soft drinks, crisps and chocolates, but it’s their specialties that are most eye catching.

Granny’s homemade pies, Oupa’s biltong, Ouma’s fudge and Tanie’s melktert are awesome.  Tried and tested family recipes that are now available to you and me.

Over the years some farm stalls have become huge and include kids play areas, full sit down restaurants, touch farms and a host of other activities to make your stop over more enjoyable.

We at Home Food and Travel have been visiting farm stalls for years.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Vogel Valley Farm Stall

A great spot to take a break and stretch your legs between Hermanus and Botriver is at Vogel Valley Farm Stall

Located on the R43, just off the N2, Vogel Valley Farm Stall boasts a coffee shop, serving a variety of delectable freshly baked treats.

Here you can collect your weekend braai meat, biltong, homemade jams and preserves, pickles, dried fruit, fresh fruit and vegetables. There is also a small curio shop with handmade gifts for your convenience.

The homemade ginger beer is a great favourite as is the great variety of local cheeses.  These include such flavours as coriander, cumin, chilli, smoked jalapeno, camembert, brie, pecorino and many more.

There is a children’s play area, a gift shop and some fascinating wire art on display.

For more information or to place an order, call 060 632 0895 or 078 786 7422, or email

Vogel Valley Farm Stall may be found at R43 Vogel Valley, Botriver, Western Cape. The farm stall is open seven days a week from 9 to 5pm, with friendly and efficient staff and a delivery service in the Kleinmond, Botriver and Hermanus area.

Facebook: @VogelValleyPadstal

Taste Buds Farm Stall

It’s always a pleasure to take a drive to the Kwazulu/Natal Midlands with scenery reminiscent of northern Europe in the summer. One of its best foodie places to visit in the Midlands is Taste Buds Farm Stall in Dargle. 

This delightful farm stall is wheel chair accessible and offers a wide variety of home baked food and quality handmade décor that supports the local community and local suppliers.

Here you can stock up on artisanal foods, the likes of sour dough bread, pies, speciality cakes, Jersey cream and milk, jams, preserves, cheeses, frozen meals, top class meat and genuine fresh farm produce. 

Known for its great service and friendly staff, the farm stall is open for breakfast, brunch and lunch. There is indoor and outdoor seating with magnificent views of the rolling hills and dams.

Taste Buds Farm Stall is definitely worth a detour.  They are open from Wednesday to Sunday. They also have a liquor license so you can make any needed purchases when visiting.

For more information or to make a reservation call 061 231 5124 or email

Taste Buds Farm Stall may be found at D20, P124 Main Road, Dargle, Kwazulu Natal. Find them on Google Maps.

Facebook: @TasteBudsFarmStall

Die Pampoen Padstalletjie

A must stop on the R60 near the town of Worcester is the quaint and welcoming Pampoen Padstalletjie farm stall.

You can’t miss this delightful farm stall because of the giant display of pumpkins under the big tree and in front of the shop.  There are pumpkins of every shape, colour and size.  They are grown specially for the farm stall and are so beautiful that they can be used for decoration as well as for eating.

This famous landmark in the area has been in the family for thirty years and is famous for its wide variety of jams and preserves.  A particular favourite is the makataan jam, which is a variety of watermelon.  There is also hanepoot, sultana, green fig, quince, peach, ripe fig, tomato, apricot and many more.

The farmstall has been in existence for 45 years and is a second generation owned establishment.  

To enter the shop is a trip down memory lane, with old fashioned sweets in jars, ginger beer, crochet articles, and enamel ware.  There is dried fruit, wire art, bead work, fresh farm produce, rusks and baked goodies.

A cosy corner on the stoep is where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and rusks or a freshly baked roosterkoek with cheese and jam.

The pumpkin display is a photographers dream, and prominent sign requests that should you take photographs that you make a donation which goes to local primary schools.

Pampoen Padstalletjie is definitely worth a stop and a refreshing respite on a long journey.

Contact Details

For more information call +27 023 342 1224 or +27 083 651 4996 or email

Die Pampoen Padstalletjie may be found on the R60 Worcester, Cape Winelands, Western Cape. Find them on Google Maps.

Kruisaar Farm Stall – N12 between George and Oudtshoorn

Located in the misty mountains between Oudtshoorn and George this farm stall is famous for its mohair products amongst other things. Expect to find all you need in this line of natural fibers.

Interestingly, the farm itself produces hops, that very essential ingredient used in beer manufacturing.

Kruisaar Farm Stall also has a great restaurant with a deck that overlooks the hops orchards and that serves excellent meals. They claim to serve the best coffee, pancakes and roosetrkoek in the area! Another of their specialties is soup that pairs very well with the roosetrkoek.

They are also licensed and have a great selection of local wines.

This area of the country offers rich farm land and so there is also plenty of fresh, local produce available too.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 7.30 am to 5.30pm. Call 0824 666 174 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

The Shed Farm Stall – N1 Beaufort West

The Shed Farm Stall is known for its butchery which, in turn, is famous for its biltong, drywors and lamb chops.  Located on a working sheep farm, it’s no wonder the chops are so good.

Situated on the N1 just north of Beaufort West, this really is a great place to take a break.  The N1 is a long and boring road and The Shed Farm Stall is a green oasis.

Literally, here in the heart of the Karoo you will find a green, shaded lawn around which the kids can burn their pent up energy.  There is also a trampoline, animal enclosures and a large duck pond.

The farm stall also stocks other specialities such as karoo olives, pickled garlic and various preserves and jams. There is indoor and outdoor seating and light meals and refreshments may be ordered.

If you are looking for a longer stay or to break your journey overnight, then adjacent to the farm stall is the Lucern Lodge.  These are cozy self-catering chalets with braai facilities.  An overnight stay in the Karoo is awesome as the night sky will reveal.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 9.00 am to 5.00pm. Call 023 415 3688 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

Nature’s Way Farm Stall –off N2 at the Crags

The Crags, just to the east of Plettenberg Bay, has become popular as both a stop over and a destination.  The beautiful scenery, wealth of activities and ease of access has been a big contribution.

One of the places to visit, whether for refreshment or to overnight, is Nature’s Way Farm.  Their well-stocked farm stall offers a welcome break from the monotony of long distance travel and, for those wishing to spend time in the area they have a variety of accommodation choices too.

Situated on a working dairy farm, Nature’s Way Farm Stall is known for their bakery.  Expect to find fresh breads, croissants, cakes and other treats.

Their shelves are well stocked with preserves and honey as well as fresh, local produce.  Check out their cheese selection that contains a good mix of local and imported cheeses and many of these pair very well with the selection of local wines on hand too.

The restaurant has seating on a veranda that overlooks the farm and serves, in their own words, very good coffee.  Of course the coffee (or tea) would be in good company with some of the cakes from the bakery.  Light meals are also served.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 9.00 am to 5.00pm. Call 044 534 8849 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

Peel’s Honey Farm Stall – Off N3 near Howick

Yip, you guessed it, the specialty of this farm stall is honey! Peel’s Honey is famous across South Africa and this farm stall is located at their headquarters.

Perhaps the best aspect of this shop is that you can find all Peel’s Honey products in one spot and it amazing to see the huge variety of things they produce. Raw honey, Peanut Brittle, Creamed Honey, Pure Honey and even single nectar honey!

Of course with honey comes wax and the stall stocks items made from wax too.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 8.00 am to 5.00pm. Call 033 330 3762 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

Baddaford Farm Stall – R67 near Fort Beaufort

Baddford Farm Stall lies just to the north of Fort Beaufort in the picturesque Kat River Valley.

This farm is famous for its beautiful garden and its nursery. The stall itself is in a lovely old building with a veranda overlooking the garden.

There is plenty of seating and breakfasts, light lunches and a host of refreshments including great coffee are on offer.

Homemade biscuits, preserves and pies are on offer as well as the usual soft drinks, crisps, ice creams and chocolates.

If you want to break a long journey this is a great place to stretch your legs.  Take a walk through the garden and nursery while waiting for you food order to be served.

The Kat River Valley is famous for its citrus, avos and nuts and, depending on the season these are available in the stall.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 8.00 am to 4.30pm, 10.00 to 3.30pm Sunday. Call 087 350 4402 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

Tankwa Padstal  – R355, ± 50km from the Tankwa Karoo National Park

This quaint Farm Stall is really an oasis in the heart of a semi-desert (this “desert” being the Tankwa Karoo), situated on the R355 which is the longest dirt road between two towns in South Africa.

When the Tankwa Padstal comes into view with a big, crashed UFO, and an old car with its nose buried in the ground, it’s like a magnet and everybody wants to pull over!

The Tankwa Padstal is a combination of farm stall, convenience store, curio shop, and diner.  They serve delicious food, homemade roosterkoek and ginger beer, with all the usual crisps, refreshing cool drinks, and ice cream for the sweltering summer as well as hot “moer” coffee and tea for the icy winters.

There is also a creatively decorated Bar next to the Farm Stall serving cold beer (different manager with different hours).

There is shaded outdoor seating, a play-park for the kids, a dam to swim in and ample of safe parking.

Without a doubt, this Farm Stall is a magic attraction within its own right!

Opening hours are 9.00 am to 5.00pm, except on Wednesdays when they are closed for stock taking. Find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

Photo credit of UFO: Expressions Photography by Andre & Selma Ohlsson

Hillbilly Farm Stall – R43 near Ceres

Hillbilly Farm is a working free-range farm nestled under the Mosterthoek Mountains. 

The farm stall specializes in wire windmills, chili, Nguni skins and cheeses.  Of course the usual fizzy drinks, chocolates etc are available too.

The cheeses are all artisan and the range of flavors, types and ingredients is pretty cool.  The windmills come in a variety of sizes and themes including lamps and clocks.

On the shelves you will find plenty of fresh farm produce, preserves, cookies, olives, honey and chili sauces.  The fridges have braai packs, cold meats and milk.

Lights meals and breakfast are on the menu and these can be washed down with tea, coffee or some of the local brews. Some of their light meals include pizzas and burgers.

With the roaming farm animals, amazing birdlife and picturesque scenery, Hill Billy farm is a great place for a picnic.

Just 90 minutes from Cape Town, Hilly Billy Farm Stall makes for a great days outing for a family of urbanites.  There is plenty for the kids to do including laser tag, ziplining and a play area. If you’re wanting to stay overnight there are some rustic chalets too.

Opening hours are between Thursdays to Mondays, 10.00 am to 5.00pm. Call 061 819 3577 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

Bagdad Café – R27 near Vanruynsdorp

Bagdad Café is more of a road side diner come restaurant than a farm stall and people travel from far and wide to enjoy the cuisine.

In particular this café is known for is delicious Sunday buffet, proper boerekos menu and their very large pancakes.

The menu, which sits on the wall of the restaurant is a mix of English and Afrikaans and written in the same manner that the locals talk.  How about a Kaas And Jam Roosterkoek or a Bacon and Kaas Pannekoek?

The Sunday lunch menu of Barbeque Lamb Chops, Curry Trip (so hard to find these days), Samp, Baked Potatoes, Salad and Milk Tart is a winner!

Sundays are pretty popular at Bagdad Café and it is advisable to make a booking.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 8.30am to 5.00pm. Call 084 065 8464 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

The Pumpkin Farm Stall, as it would be translated into English, specializes in selling fresh farm produce.  Being fresh the produce varuies from season to season.Pampoenstalltjie is particularly famous for its, well, pumpkins grown on the local farm.  The range of pumpkins is pretty impressive and includes those that would be useful for a Halloween carving.

Another specialty of this farm stall are preserves.  If you enjoy good old fashioned wellmade preserves then you need to make a visit.  Two most popular jams are Green Fig (grown locally) and Maketan.

Also on offer are hanepoot, sultanas, quince, peach, ripe figs, tomato and apricot jams.

Worcester is famous for its fruit and both fresh and sundried are available.

If you are just looking for a place to stretch your legs and have a cup of invigorating coffee then take a seat on the stoep and enjoy a strong cup of moer koffie accompanied by a rusk or a pumpkin muffin.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 8.00 am to 5.00pm over week days and 9.00am to 5.00pm over weekends. Call 023 342 1224 or find them on Google Maps by clicking here.

Desert Rose Farm Stall – N7 near Piketberg

Farm Stalls

The Desert Rose Farm Stall is a refreshing oasis on the N7, between Moorreesburg and Piketberg, just 60km outside of Cape Town.

Combining a farm stall, restaurant and gift shop, it has become a popular spot for long distance travelers in need of a leg-stretch and tea break as well as Capetonians wanting to get out of the city on an afternoon in search of fresh produce and the country air. Click here to read more.

Klein Plaasie Farm Stall – Route 62 near Worcester

Situated along the famous Route 62, in Worcester, the Kleinplasie Farmstall and Bistro serves delectable traditional food.

Their roosterkoek is the most popular item on the menu and is prepared in front of the Bistro on an open fire before being served with various mouth-watering and creative fillings.

To start our meal, I ordered the Sweet and Sour Pork while my husband ordered their bacon, egg and cheese. Both meals had a side of beetroot and sweet and sour pickle cabbage salad. We topped off our meal with a nice hot cup of coffee.  Click here to read more


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